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Vampire der Nacht (Drei Magier Spiele) $22.45
Uproar in the old castle: the nasty vampire hunter has poured a bag of garlic on the floor of the castle. Now the vampire Leo Langzahn desperately needs help to push the stinking garlic out of the castle. At night, it is not so easy as you need to avoid having the items fall into the graves. However, players are assisted with the help of the little vampire bats, which magically move through the old walls. Offers fun in the dark with a three-dimensional glow-in-the-dark design. Vampire der Nacht
MiniMonFa Fairy Expansion (Mayfair Games) $7.50
MiniMonFa Fairy Expansion In the heart of the ancient, mysterious forest, ruins of an enchanted city are waiting, drowned in deep silence. Suddenly a huge troll rises from the tangled vegetation, while malicious Dryads are luring the heroes, so to wrap them in deceitful embrace. Bunches of Gnomes are preparing their ambushes, while the Phoenix flames offer hot welcome to the adventurers.

Chicago Express Expansion: Narrow Gauge and Erie Railroad (Queen Games) $24.95
Two expansions in one box:

ERIE-Railroad Company:
Another railroad company is getting involved in the competition. What effect will the new company have on the market? The skills of the investors are what it‘s all about now!

Narrow Gauge:
Small independent narrow gauge railroads form near the standard gauge railroads. They block building in the mountain and forest hexes where they form and operate their business.
Chicago Express Expansion: Narrow Gauge and Erie Railroad
Barbarossa: Crimea (GMT Games) $50.56
Barbarossa: Crimea Barbarossa: Crimea is Vance von Borries' sixth epic game in his award winning series of East Front games. This is a two-player operational level game depicting the battles in the Crimean peninsula of the Soviet Union during 1941 and 1942. Beginning in mid-October 1941 and ending in January 1942, it completes the year 1941 in this series of the German invasion of the Soviet Union.

Middle Kingdom (Z-Man Games) $9.75
Following the collapse of the Han Dynasty, warlords backed rival claimants to the CHinese throne, while others sought influence among the merchants, nobles, farmers, and bureaucrats.

In this game, players blind bid each round to claim Dynasty cards in order to control the Emperor, Heir, Palace, Market, and Harvest. However, the heavens, in the guise of the Celestial Dragon, can disrupt the best-laid plans.

Middle Kingdom
Crappy Birthday (North Star Games) $11.24
Crappy Birthday Crappy Birthday is the simplest of the party games designed by North Star Games. The goal was to create the perfect game to bring as a gift to a party. Crappy Birthday can be opened at a house full of non-gamers, and have people playing the game and laughing within a minute.

Crappy Birthday will get people talking and laughing quickly.

Assyria (Rio Grande Games) $29.97
In Assyria, each player will lead a tribe through the desert. The goal of each tribe is to survive (by gathering food cards) and to build wells and ziggurats. The game spans over three reigns, with a flood in between each reign. As usual, there will be many different strategies and many ways to score points! Assyria
Robotics (Pegasus Spiele) $19.99
Robotics Any old pot can become a bot!

Have you ever wanted to have a free shot at building robots with some useful and also some dodgy functions? Sounds difficult? Not at all! The main thing is that the bots look funny and have some function - any function ... Make a name for yourself as the oddest designer of robots, but also as a stone-cold merchant. This is your big break!

The game plays out over several turns. In each turn, you may perform two actions.

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