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Space Empires 4X (GMT Games) $99.99
Space Empires is a game in the finest tradition of 4X space games - eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. Make no mistake. All four "X's" are included in this game. This is a wargame where the purpose of building your empire is not to feel good about your achievement, but to destroy your enemies and burn their colonies.

One difficulty in games of this genre is that they are often either overly simplistic or tediously detailed.

Space Empires 4X
Clippers (Eurogames Descartes USA) $39.99
Clippers Shipping and Trade in the South Pacific

During the second half of the Nineteenth Centry and the beginning of the Twentieth, great trading companies exploited the new trade routes opened to the South Pacific. The is was the age of the large, fast, strong-hulled Clipper ship.
In Clippers, the players plan the naval routes of 6 different trading companies in the South Pacific Islands.

Tide of Iron: Normandy (Fantasy Flight Games) $47.96
June 6th, 1944 marked a red-letter date in the Second World War. Better known as D-Day, the 6th marked the beginning of Operation Overlord, the Allied battle plan coordinating a major offensive against German forces at Normandy, France. Here, on the beaches of Normandy, the Allies would either gain the foothold they needed to bring down the German war machine, or suffer a devastating defeat.

Tide of Iron: Normandy
Kooky Kalooki (Playroom Entertainment) $9.95
Kooky Kalooki The Jamaican Rummy Game

Ya Mon! Kooky Kalooki is a fun family game based on the popular Jamaican Contract rummy where players scramble to lay down all their cards first! Kooky Kards can help you win the game, no problem, Mon, but get stuck with one in your hand at the end of the round and you will really feel the vibrations, with 50 “dreadful” penalty points!

Thingamajig (R&R Games) $9.97
Looking for a hilarious party game that EVERYONE can play? Then whip out your Thingamajig?! Thingamajig
Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs. Imperium (Rio Grande Games) $15.96
Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs. Imperium As the Imperium crushes outlying systems, Rebel worlds begin to ally,politically and militarily. Meanwhile, the Uplift Code, within the genomes of the Alien Overlords' former servitor races, is being sequenced.Can you build the most prosperous and powerful space empire in a galaxy where border conflicts rage?

Note: This is an expansion to Race for the Galaxy and not a stand-alone game.
Batavia (Rio Grande Games) $39.96
Magnificent sunsets, exotic flora and fauna, the aroma of finest spices in the air - the Far East has always had a magical appeal to adventurers, soldiers of fortune, explorers, traders and merchants. Around 400 years ago, merchants in many different countries organized themselves into companies so that they could send larger fleets of ships to the Far East. They hoped for huge profits from these voyages, because spices such as pepper and nutmeg were quite literally worth their weight in gold.

Summer Lightning: The Invasion of Poland 1939 (Lock 'n Load) $27.94
Summer Lightning: The Invasion of Poland 1939 Designed by veteran designer Brian Train, Summer Lightning is an operational simulation of the invasion of Poland by German, Slovakian and Soviet forces in September-October 1939. The campaign was a brief, bloody, and confusing affair fought between two armies which were considered equals by many in the world.

Despite the interesting campaign, there aren't many war games on the Polish campaign, probably because the conventional wisdom is that it was a very unbalanced contest.

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