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Bits Galore! (12/05/2017)
Whether you're a budding game designer, or you want to spruce up one of your favorites, you'll find many great game bits on the site! I've spend the last few days getting the small stuff inventoried and added to the site. And there's even more where that came from! Keep an eye on the site for new bits. Also just received a shipment of Hugo's Amazing Tape! Get it while you can, I know they're in short supply.

High Society (Gryphon Games) $16.63
It is one thing to be the richest family on the block… it's quite another to flaunt it successfully. High Society pits you against your neighbors in a race to reveal the most blue-blooded family in your midst. To win, you must acquire all the trappings of great wealth, avoid as many of the pitfalls as you can and still walk away with a huge pile of cash at the end of it all. This Reiner Knizia classic makes a great travel game and an easy one to introduce to friends and family.

High Society
Hugo's Amazing Tape - Clear 1" (Hugo's Amazing Tape) $9.99
Hugo's Amazing Tape - Clear 1" Hugo's Amazing Tape is super strong, durable, reusable, and most of all, versatile. It has dozens of uses, but the use that interests us the most is keeping game boxes closed and card decks organized.

To view many more uses of Amazing Tape, please visit AmazingTape.com.
Monopoly: My Marvel Heroes (USAopoly) $14.93
The Marvel Universe is YOURS!

The world's best selling board game and the mighty Marvel Heroes™ team up and put you in charge. For the first time ever you decide the layout of the MONOPOLY® game board. With over 100 characters to choose from, like Spider-Man, the Green Goblin, Wolverine and Dr.

Monopoly: My Marvel Heroes
Twins (Amigo) $18.00
Twins This is a pseudo poker style card game with a unique deck of cards (six "suits" or colors), a unique set of winning "pairs", and four distinct rounds of betting. Contents:
- 60 Playing cards (valued 1 to 10 in 6 colors) - 36 Chips - 6 Cash cards
Las Vegas (Alea) $22.74
Gamble Up To The Last Roll!

The players play as risk-taking gamblers trying their luck in the glitzy world of Las Vegas. Six casinos can be visited, each of them showing a di erent number and each with a di erent amount of money available to be won overall.

Las Vegas
Deflexion (Deflexion, Inc.) $22.47
Deflexion Deflexion is a chess-like board game that utilizes built in laser and movable Egyptian-themed, game piece mirrors to bounce light around the board to eliminate their opponent's pieces.
Dead of Winter (GMT Games) $39.50
Dead of Winter is GMT's recreation of Richard Berg's “Great Battles of the American Civil War” series title on the battle of Murfreesboro; also known as The Battle of Stone's River to Union Veterans. Perhaps one of the most evenly matched battles of the war, Murfreesboro/Stone's River pitted the Federal Army of the Cumberland under Major General William Starke Rosecrans against the Confederate Army of Tennessee captained by General Braxton Bragg.

Dead of Winter
Einfach Genial Junior (Kosmos) $18.67
Einfach Genial Junior Einfach Genial (Ingenious) is now available to kids!

Penguin food has been scattered and needs to be collected from the various ice floes. Gain points by collecting the four different food colors!
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