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Der Markt von Alturien (Pro Ludo) $33.90 $25.43
Der Markt von Alturien Six merciless medieval merchant families seek wealth, influence and power!

In "Alturien", your merchants vie for the attention of 7 unique trader customers of varying wealth. They stroll the market, while you entice them to ignore your rivals and buy your wares. Using your income, you build new trading halls and create your own mercantile empire.

But beware! One of the customers is "Gustavo the Weasel"! He steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

Yukatan (Wolf Fang P.H.) $44.99
The first stone cities are being built in the depths of the jungle and their citizens raise their eyes to the sky waiting for a sign from the gods. The capricious gods are pleased when humans worship them as much as they can - therefore it is obvious that they will grant favors to the city that builds them a sky-high pyramid. Warriors set out to the jungle to get workers capable of finishing the structure as fast as possible.

Navegador (Rio Grande Games) $99.99
Navegador In the 15th century, the Portuguese Prince Henry the Navigator (Henrique o Navegador) summoned the best cartographers and navigators of his time and instructed them to explore the shores of the African coastline . They thereby won expertise in navigation and shipbuilding, heralding the Age of Exploration and enabling Portugal to later to find a sea trade route to India and China.

Copié Collé (Asyncron Games) $14.90
In the pocket game Copié Collé (Copy & Paste), players are young students back in school, each holding a small chalkboard (i.e., card) numbered 1-6, with any cards not held by players lying on the table.

On a turn, the active player rolls the die, then tries to identify who holds this card - copying from his neighbor in order to answer the teacher's question, to put it in thematic terms.

Copié Collé
Planet Steam - German (LudoArt) $99.99
Welcome dear Imperialists. It's the year 2415. The Interplanetary Federation (IPF) has done a great job in the last centuries. All necessary precautions have been taken to conquer this planet named "Steam" The core of the planet consists of a 6500 degrees Celsius hot source containing different resources, including water. It has taken over 100 years to complete the first block of 42 shafts from the surface to the core.

But now the time has come.

Planet Steam - German
Arcane Legions: Starter Set (Wells Expeditions) $34.95
Arcane Legions: Starter Set The year is 37 BCE. The Roman Empire, Egyptian Imperium, and Han Empire converge in epic battles across the Middle East.

Genesis (Face 2 Face Games) $19.00
The time is 250 million years ago, the place is the super-continent Pangaea. A devastated Earth has just undergone its greatest extinction and now Pangaea itself is splitting up. But this is not the end, it is a new beginning. As time passes the continents take shape. Forest, savannah, mountains and wetlands appear. Animals evolve, and strong species compete for their territories. As life battles life, the question 'Who will rule the earth' remains unanswered.

WrestAngel (Angelo Porazzi Games) $8.23
WrestAngel WrestAngel is a fast paced, interactive game for up to 5 players with 2 warriors each, or up to 10 players with 1 warrior each. All cards have double use: they can be used to Move, Fight, Avoid hits, play Special Actions OR to Pin an opponent on the ground for a three seconds count. It is up to you to balance them well: it is not useful to Throw down an opponent if you are not able to Pin it: One, Two... THREE!

Goal: to throw down your opponent and Pin him.

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