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Travel Blog (Z-Man Games) $19.99
Some people love to travel. Others love to read about traveling. Imagine an Internet magazine designed to bring these people together. Would you like to join ranks with their travelbloggers?

Travel Blog is a swift and thrilling game about traveling. Your task is to pick states or countries most suitable for your trip and to do it faster than your opponents.

Travel Blog
A Fool’s Fortune (Rio Grande Games) $12.76
A Fool’s Fortune Come play a game of mischief, magic, mirth, and lore. Delve into the Book of Fate to reveal mysterious fortunes: realms near and far, resources wondrous & wild. Cast your lot with a crew of assorted (and sordid) characters. If you pay your dues and play your hand right, you may just win A Fool's Fortune.

A Fool's Fortune is a two player card game in the tradition of Rummy, where players race to make sets… but with several wily twists.

Nightfall: Martial Law (Alderac Entertainment Group) $25.99
Darkness envelopes the world; chaos reigns. Humanity fights back in the only way they know how: with forceful control. But how does one control creatures whose existence defies all logic?

Nightfall: Martial Law is a stand-alone expansion to the smash-hit competitive deck building game Nightfall. Martial Law brings you a complete new set of cards with special new powers, and features all-new vampires, werewolves, hunters and ghouls.

Nightfall: Martial Law
Urland (Doris & Frank) $39.99
Urland 350 million years ago. We find ourselves on the eve of the greatest invasion in the history of the world, the invasion of land by vertebrates. Various species of fish are teeming in the ocean waters, and the first species, the Ichtos, are just starting to take their first tentative steps onto land. Massive evolutionary advances, in the form of new genes are waiting to come into play.

Intrigo (Asmodee Editions) $15.99
Plotting on the canals!

Strengthen the alliances which allow you to become the new Doge of Venice!

Each player receives a Family card tied to a color of Plot card. The game board is then made up by placing Arcade cards in a square shape at the center of the table. On each Arcade card a Ducat or Seal token is placed.

A turn takes place over three phases.

PitchCar: Stunt Race (Ferti) $47.96
PitchCar: Stunt Race Bring your car-flicking experience to a whole new level!

Introducing the fourth expansion for PitchCar.... Stunt Race!
This expansion includes supports and ramps to bring your pitch car track up to a second tier/level of play. Shoot your cars up, around, and back down to the base level track in this exciting, new expansion to PitchCar.

East West Hold'Em Red Dice Set (R&S Marketing) $6.90
East West Hold'em is a fun, quick dice game in which the pot builds and builds until only one player remains and takes it down.

Just grab some poker chips, roll the dice, and follow their instructions. Simple fun for family and friends.
East West Hold'Em Red Dice Set
Fund Manager (Playoff Games) $32.90
Fund Manager Fund Manager is a game of stock market and investment.
You take on the role of a competent stock broker.

You may focus on stability by investing into blue chip stocks or take high risks in exchange for great returns by investing into prospective start-up companies. Those companies may display surprising performance, or may even get delisted thus making all efforts useless.

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