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Greetings! (10/01/2018)

Greetings! This is Tom from Board Game Nation (previously Boards & Bits).

2018 will be the last year I have an internet board game retail business. After 15 years (with an unexpected 4 year break toward the end), I will be selling through my current inventory, then moving on.

I want to thank you for your support over the years. Owning and operating Boards & Bits was a highlight of my life. Given the choice, I would certainly have kept it going as long as possible. It wasn't meant to be.

In an effort to wrap things up, I have discounted everything on the site beyond my normal discounts, anywhere from 5% to 50%. My inventory is showing it's age, but there are some great titles and accessories that aren't available anywhere else, as well as some great deals on readily available items.

I hope that I've served you well over the years. I made a few small mistakes (and 1 huge one), but overall, I'm proud of the way that I conducted myself. If you feel so inclined, it would help me greatly if you would pass this information on to your gaming friends.

It's been my pleasure to serve you, I wish you well.

Thank you!

 Tom Powers
 Board Game Nation/Boards & Bits

Maask (Blue Orange Games) $9.97 $4.99
Maask Who will become the next King or Queen of Maaskland?
Der verflixte Zaubertrank (Drei Magier Spiele) $14.95
The Darned Magic Potion

The ancient recipe book contains two spiders, one toad and three mushrooms.
“Where on earth are we going to get all the ingredients”, the little magician's apprentices wonder.
“It's not easy to cook a magic potion”, the old master magician said. “You need a pinch of magic to go with all the right ingredients!”
“But we haven't got all the ingredients.

Der verflixte Zaubertrank
Queen Victoria's Navy (Bone Games) $7.99
Queen Victoria's Navy Queen Victoria's Navy is a nautical combat war game for two players which simulates the period from 1880-1906. The game scale is 500 meters per hex and about 5 minutes per turn. Capital ships are modeled individually. Complexity is medium. Time to learn is from 30-45 minutes.

Ubongo Duel (Z-Man Games) $24.99
Fast! Captivating! Simple!

The Ubongo you know and love now head-to-head! Each player tries to solve the same puzzle with the same set of tiles. The first player to solve the puzzle gets a point and after nine rounds (or the first to five) the player with the most points wins.
Ubongo Duel
Twister (Hasbro) $15.99 $10.39
Twister A large vinyl playing mat is placed on the floor, with a 5 x 4 array of spots, each spot about 6 inches in diameter. The spots are colored red, blue, yellow, and green. A player is chosen to moderate, and the rest of the players, up to 4, stand on the play mat with their feet on different spots.

Each turn consists of the moderator spinning a spinner, which gives a result matching a random color with a random element from the set (left hand, right hand, left foot, right foot).

TPOC: The Politics of Cannibals (Stractical Concepts) $17.49
Welcome to the cannibal village of Tpoc!

Disaster befalls the village as the chief mysteriously dies with no heir! The village leaders have decided to have the next chief be elected by the tribe members themselves. As an ambitious young cannibal, you will need to examine the issues most important to the members of the tribe and determine the best way to gain their support. Once all the voters are identified, they will hold a vote for the next chieftain of Tpoc.

TPOC: The Politics of Cannibals
Die Wiege der Renaissance (DDD Verlag GmbH) $16.90
Die Wiege der Renaissance In Die Wiege der Renaissance ("The Cradle of Renaissance") players go back to the times of the Renaissance. You are the head of an influential noble family in the 15th and 16th century. In accordance of the spirit of the times you support the cultural development of your family and make a name for yourself by supporting historic personalities. At the same time make your influence felt in order to react to the events happing in this exciting period.

Bankruptcy: The Card Game (Tangent Games) $12.76
Insider Trading, Outsourcing, Cooking the Books. Who said CEO's should have all the fun of running a company into the ground?

In Bankruptcy players try to be the first one bankrupt - by having no cards left in their hand. Play is fast, with 2-player games lasting an average of 5 minutes. But don't let the speed of the game fool you. Deciding what cards to play, and the inclusion of 10 special cards, can quickly change the business landscape.

Bankruptcy: The Card Game
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