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Darkstalkers: Realm of Midnight Booster Display (Fantasy Flight Games) $57.45
Darkstalkers: Realm of Midnight Booster Display This display contains 24 booster packs!

This is an expansion set for Universal Fighting System and is compatible with all other UFS products. It features Anakaris, Bishamon, Demitri, Donovan, Felicia, Hsien-Ko, Huitzil, J. Talbain, Jedah, Morrigan and Victor.

Darkstalkers: Realm of Midnight features a lot of unorthodox, and interesting play mechanics. This set's version of fan favorite J. Talbain changes the way both players must play.

Riddles & Riches (R&R Games) $19.46
"...as such, you are all potential heirs to the Bullthrower fortune. However only one will inherit it all." Rising, the attorney continues, "Now, please open your boxes."

Slowly lifting the lid, you peek inside and pull out two cards. The first bears a riddle, the key to hidden treasures. The second lists hints to aid your search. The other heirs have similar cards, but there is something else in your box...

Reaching for it, you smile, remembering Bullthrower's final words...

Riddles & Riches
Snow Tails (Asmodee Editions) $49.99
Snow Tails In Snow Tails, brave players test their skills in wild races. To help them on their way, they have cards with different values that will make their dogs run at a more or less high speed. They have to manage their hand well in order to slide, increase speed, or slow down at just the right time. Only a keen tactical awareness will enable them to avoid the trees blocking the way or prevent them from skidding right off the track!
A Fool’s Fortune (Rio Grande Games) $12.76
Come play a game of mischief, magic, mirth, and lore. Delve into the Book of Fate to reveal mysterious fortunes: realms near and far, resources wondrous & wild. Cast your lot with a crew of assorted (and sordid) characters. If you pay your dues and play your hand right, you may just win A Fool's Fortune.

A Fool's Fortune is a two player card game in the tradition of Rummy, where players race to make sets… but with several wily twists.

A Fool’s Fortune
Down in Flames: Guns Blazing (DVG) $38.39
Down in Flames: Guns Blazing Guns Blazing is the 2nd game in the Down In Flames series. This stand-alone game adds 55 more types of aircraft, new campaigns, and action cards featuring the new aircraft!

Down In Flames places each player in the cockpit of a fighter as they enter combat against other aircraft. By playing cards, you gain advantageous positions on your targets, fire your guns, and send them down in flames!

The game is based on a unique action-reaction card mechanic.

Das Spitzweg-Spiel (Kosmos) $18.00
Players represent members of the hanging committee for an exhibition of the German painter Carl Spitzweg. Players attempt to contribute the most, and most valuable works to the exhibition. Each exhibit is closed once a specific number of works has been submitted. The players then score point based on the placed paintings. The player who placed the last card (painting) doubles his score for this exhibition. The game then continues with the next exhibit.

Das Spitzweg-Spiel
Celtic Quest (JKLM Games) $39.92
Celtic Quest It's AD 42 and Britain is ripe for invasion by Claudius' legions. You are a young Celt on the brink of adulthood and you have visited the High Druid who has foretold your destiny. In this game each player attempts to win by gathering victory points and fulfilling their destiny. Along the way you'll improve your abilities, trade with settlements, complete quests and help enchant the land. The game uses double sided hextiles so each game is different.
Mansions of Madness: Season of the Witch (Fantasy Flight Games) $14.95
A bright young Miskatonic University student has disappeared, having checked in to an infamous Arkham boarding house to study its reported supernatural properties. Now, as the celebration Walpurgis Eve approaches, you and your fellow investigators are tasked with venturing into the decaying Witch House and solving a mystery that has plagued Arkham for generations.

Mansions of Madness: Season of the Witch
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