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Greetings! (10/01/2018)

Greetings! This is Tom from Board Game Nation (previously Boards & Bits).

2018 will be the last year I have an internet board game retail business. After 15 years (with an unexpected 4 year break toward the end), I will be selling through my current inventory, then moving on.

I want to thank you for your support over the years. Owning and operating Boards & Bits was a highlight of my life. Given the choice, I would certainly have kept it going as long as possible. It wasn't meant to be.

In an effort to wrap things up, I have discounted everything on the site beyond my normal discounts, anywhere from 5% to 50%. My inventory is showing it's age, but there are some great titles and accessories that aren't available anywhere else, as well as some great deals on readily available items.

I hope that I've served you well over the years. I made a few small mistakes (and 1 huge one), but overall, I'm proud of the way that I conducted myself. If you feel so inclined, it would help me greatly if you would pass this information on to your gaming friends.

It's been my pleasure to serve you, I wish you well.

Thank you!

 Tom Powers
 Board Game Nation/Boards & Bits

Age of Steam: Moon & Mars Global Surveyor (Self Published) $60.00 $54.00
Age of Steam: Moon & Mars Global Surveyor Age of Steam The Moon/Mars: This expansion set contains two map on reprint of the Moon and on the back side a new one. Mars is an expansion for the basic game Age of Steam from Martin Wallace. It is playable for only four players and uses the edge to edge connections like in age of steam on the moon. The originality of this expansion comes from the particular use of the gree discs (the martians) that not belong to any players, appear near water places and can move around the planet....

Struggle For Catan (Mayfair Games) $12.00
The Struggle for Catan is a fast-paced game between the 2-4 factions developing newly settled Catan. Manage your resources to build settlements, cities, city improvements, knights, and roads that generate victory points or special abilities. While your settlements, cities, and city expansions remain yours, valuable roads and knights change hands. Varied expensive city improvements give you additional victory points and lasting advantages, so they're generally key to victory.

Struggle For Catan
Dos Rios (Mayfair Games) $24.50
Dos Rios The one who best controls the rivers will control the valley, for the flow of the river carries fortune's tide.
Hameln (Fragor Games) $46.80
Players play the part of a family in Hameln around about the year 1284. During the course of the game, families will marry, buy new houses (production and influence), increase their food (meat, ale, cheese and bread) and become more influential in the running of the town. However, no-one can stop the arrival of the rats and the Pied Piper will make an appearance 3 times during the course of the game.

Experiment (Sandtimer) $19.90 $12.94
Experiment Collect the most valuable flasks to conduct your secret experiments. Do you play it safe, or do you dare take risks? Be careful not to damage your flasks or cause an explosion!
Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Undead Army Starter (Your Move Games) $11.96
Battleground: Fantasy Warfare is a point-based table-top tactical wargame in which units are represented by cards instead of a collection of figures or models. We bring you all the charging, flanking and intricate maneuvering of a great wargame in a convenient package for a fraction of the cost.

When you recruit your soldiers from your enemy dead, victory seems inevitable. Bring forth a swarm of horrors to terrify and destroy your enemies.

Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Undead Army Starter
Anno 1503 (Mayfair Games) $31.85
Anno 1503 It is the year 1503...
And a new island world has been discovered.

Brave pioneers explore uncharted islands in great ships, finding boutiful lands that yield valuable reources while they establih homes and become the first settlers of this new world. Soon their isolated cabins grow into villages, and before long they begin to establish trade agreements with the inhabitants of neighboring islands, ensuring the flow of commodities and imports.

Summoner Wars: Guild Dwarves vs. Cave Goblins (Plaid Hat Games) $14.97
Summoner Wars is a fast-playing, action-packed 2-4 player card game. Players take on the role of Summoners: powerful beings who harness the power of mysterious Summoning Stones to lead their race to conquest on the war-torn planet of Itharia. These Summoners wield terrible magic on the battlefield, freezing their foes in place, draining their enemies of power, and even bringing rains of fire down from the heavens.

Summoner Wars: Guild Dwarves vs. Cave Goblins
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