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Greetings! (10/01/2018)

Greetings! This is Tom from Board Game Nation (previously Boards & Bits).

2018 will be the last year I have an internet board game retail business. After 15 years (with an unexpected 4 year break toward the end), I will be selling through my current inventory, then moving on.

I want to thank you for your support over the years. Owning and operating Boards & Bits was a highlight of my life. Given the choice, I would certainly have kept it going as long as possible. It wasn't meant to be.

In an effort to wrap things up, I have discounted everything on the site beyond my normal discounts, anywhere from 5% to 50%. My inventory is showing it's age, but there are some great titles and accessories that aren't available anywhere else, as well as some great deals on readily available items.

I hope that I've served you well over the years. I made a few small mistakes (and 1 huge one), but overall, I'm proud of the way that I conducted myself. If you feel so inclined, it would help me greatly if you would pass this information on to your gaming friends.

It's been my pleasure to serve you, I wish you well.

Thank you!

 Tom Powers
 Board Game Nation/Boards & Bits

Stern von Afrika Kartenspiel (Piatnik) $24.00 $12.00
Stern von Afrika Kartenspiel Originally designed in Finland by a then 18 year old Kari, this is one of the most important games in that country and is found in over half of the homes.

Players explore Africa, collecting gems, in search of the legendary giant diamond Star of Africa (Der Stern von Afrika). As players travel through Africa they flip tokens, some of which will contain nothing or perhaps a robber who steals their money and slows their progress.

Power Grid: France/Italy (Rio Grande Games) $9.56
Two new maps for Power Grid. This is an expansion pack, so you will need the Power Grid game to play with it. As with the original, the board has a different map on each side: France and Italy. Along with the maps are small rule changes to reflect the power culture in these two countries. France, a land that has embraced nuclear power, has an earlier start with atomic plants and more uranium available. Italy has more waste, but fewer coal and oil resources.

Power Grid: France/Italy
PitchCar Extension 2 (Ferti) $47.99
PitchCar Extension 2 Make more various tracks thanks to eight new pieces:
• Keep your speed in the news 45° curves.
• Make crossroads thanks to two special curves.
• Take speed with two new straights.

• Four 45-degree curves
• Two 90 degree curves for crossroads
• Two classic straightaways
Flickin' Chicken (Haywire Group) $13.39
How do you Flick your Chicken?

Imagine rubber chickens meet miniature golf. Players take turns throwing the target disc and then flick their chickens at the disc. Where the chicken lands is where the player flicks it again until the chicken hits the target. Beware these chickens bounce and roll so you never know how many flicks it will take. The number of flicks it took to land on the target is your score for that round.

Flickin' Chicken
La Citta (Rio Grande Games) $44.95 $40.46
La Citta Each player is an Italian prince and begins the game with two cities. The first building in each city is the castle. Each castle is home to 3,000 people at the beginning of the game. These people are represented by 3 small figures called citizens. During the game, each player's goal is to increase the population of his starting cities and to establish and expand new cities. The basis for expansion is population: each new city building must be occupied by a citizen figure representing 1,000 people.

Plastic Pegs - Blue [15 pcs] (Boards & Bits) $1.20
Size: approx. 3/4" tall to fit 1/8" opening Plastic Pegs - Blue [15 pcs]
Nautilus (Mayfair Games) $24.50
Nautilus Can you aggressively explore the depths of the ocean, while efficiently guiding the construction and development of the underwater city?
Offrandes (Offerings) (Ludonaute) $32.00
It is 430 B.C, the era of the Peloponnes war. Hit by famine and plague, the different cities of Greece tries to gain the favor of the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus by offering them the most attractive sumptuous ritual sacrifice.

The game consists of three phases.

Firstly : the bidding phase. Players would have to recruit different offerings/materials necessary for the ritual of sacrifice through bidding. Players will need to out-bid each other to obtain the materials/offerings.

Offrandes (Offerings)
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