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Bombay (Asmodee Editions) $29.99
You are a merchant seeking fortune on the streets of India! You will be traveling all over the country on your elephant and gather real treasure by buying and retailing at full price the most beautiful silks in the cities and towns, to become as rich as possible.

Parade (Z-Man Games) $14.99
Parade The characters of Alice in Wonderland are having a Parade!

All players are producers of this parade. Characters from Lewis Carroll's books such as Alice, The White Rabbit, and The Mad Hatter are steadily invited to join this weird procession.

On your turn, you play a card (from your hand of five) to the end of the parade. Unfortunately, that card might cause other cards to walk off the parade. These cards will count as negative points in the end.

Shapes Up (Educational Insights) $9.99
A game of strategy and speed! Shapes Up is an exciting, fast-paced strategy game for 2 to 4 players. Players fit shapes together, like a tangram, to cover their boards and form multi-colored squares. Roll the die and choose the piece it shows you. The player whose board is filled first and yells, "Shapes Up!" is the winner! Challenging, fast and fun! Shapes Up
Battue: Storm of the Horse Lords (Red Juggernaut, Inc.) $32.49
Battue: Storm of the Horse Lords Rooted in the World of Terris, a brutal, dark fantasy setting envisioned by authors Robin Laws and Scott Hungerford, Battue: Storm of the Horse Lords is a strategy board game in which players take control of a horde of Horse Lords bent on looting Tarsos, the City of Brass Pillars. This strategy game is easy-to-learn, fast-playing, fun, and keeps players involved in the game even when it's not their turn.

Duck! Duck! GO! Revised (APE) $16.21
Duck! Duck! GO! comes with 4 REAL rubber duckies, and a rubber bird dog. There are almost 150 duckies in the set - which ones will YOU get?

Each round, choose a movement card from your hand. When it is your turn, race your ducky according to the directions on the card.

Duck! Duck! GO! Revised
Death Angel: The Space Hulk Card Game (Fantasy Flight Games) $19.96
Death Angel: The Space Hulk Card Game The corridor seemed to be shrinking as the squad pushed forward, forcing the Blood Angels into a single file line. The shadows on the walls clawed at them, beckoning them into the darkness. As they moved away from the door, the sounds of scratching and shrieking faded to silence.

"They are moving to the vents," Brother Lorenzo warned. "Watch our flanks!"

But it was too late. The Genestealers appeared all at once from every direction.

Tara - Ireland's Royal Board Game (Abacus Spiele) $34.90
Inspired by the Book of Kells and its mesmerizing patterns woven amongst the vellum pages, Project Kells evolved. Standing atop the Hill of Tara and contemplating the conjoined ringforts of Forradh and Teach Chormac, the games of Sacred Hill and High Kings of Tara were born. Both games are for two players.

Steeped in the ancient legends of Ireland's Celtic heritage and royal past, these unique games of pure strategy are appreciated by young and old alike.

Tara - Ireland's Royal Board Game
Pecunia non olet (Goldsieber) $24.90
Pecunia non olet Money does not stink!

In ever more imaginative ways to fill the dwindling coffers of Rome, Emperor Vespasian's family raised taxes on public latrines. Each player is an operator of public latrines in old Rome. By luring financially strong customers to their own latrines, and leaving the less generous customers for the competition, players attempt to amass the most money. In addition to payment, players must consider how much time each of the paying customers take.

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