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Wings of War: Hit and Run (Fantasy Flight Games) $12.95
Wings of War: Hit and Run The Hit and Run booster pack will allow you to pilot two famous fighter planes: the SPAD VII and the Aviatik D.I. These fast but powerful airplanes were piloted by some of the immortal aces of World War I, such as Francesco Baracca and Georges Guynemer. The Hit and Run Booster Pack is composed of 31 airplane cards and 2 decks of Maneuver cards (B and Q).

Bid-It! - Tin (Enginuity) $8.41
Bid-It! is the bidding game where your hand doesn't really matter, as long as you know how to bid it!

The object of Bid-It! is to bid how may of a given number appear on the cards held by all players together. For instance, a bid of “four 5's” means the bidder believes that there are at least four fives being held by all players as a group. The next player must either make a higher bid or challenge the previous bid. Once a bid is challenged, the cards are revealed.

Bid-It! - Tin
Jaunty Jalopies (One Small Step Games) $12.47
Jaunty Jalopies Jaunty Jalopies is One Small Step's card game of madcap auto racing in the Roaring 20s. Jaunty Jalopies may be played by two to four Players. Adding another set increases the number of possible Racers to six. The game depicts the danger and hijinks of a fictitious automobile race circuit during the Roaring 20s.

Each Player takes the role of one of several Racers, each with Special Abilities derived from his or her personality, skills, and automobile.

Borodino: Battle of the Moskova, 1812 (GMT Games) $39.99
Second volume in the Triumph & Glory series covers the classic battle of Borodino. Borodino: Battle of the Moskova, 1812
Great War in Europe Deluxe (GMT Games) $124.99
Great War in Europe Deluxe The Great War in Europe Deluxe Edition is a new revised and combined edition of two of Ted Raicer's most successful designs for Command magazine, The Great War in Europe and The Great War in the Near East. The Great War in Europe won the Charles Roberts award for best pre-WWII game, and its designer the James F. Dunnigan award for elegance in game design, and was nominated for an Origins award. The latter was nominated for a Charles Roberts award for best pre-WWII game design.

Toc Toc Toc (Asmodee Editions) $8.31
In this game you will need to have the best Halloween party in the neighbourhood. Of course your guest selection is the most important thing, as the organizer, to think about. You must make sure that only the most prestigious guests attend, while ensuring that the unwanted ones go to your opponents. Don't be fooled, everybody wants to go into the party. You will need to be smart and send the bad ones to the other parties. It will not matter anyway, they take anybody. Toc Toc Toc
Horse Fever (Cranio Creations) $59.99
Horse Fever Horse Fever is a horse racing game all about bets and deceits.

Set in the United States in the 1930s, only the smartest rich guy will manage to become the Best Wagerer of All Time. Players try to make the best bets in order to win Victory Points (PV) and money.

To reach their goal they'll be willing to fix races, buy horses and stables, pay helpers, win auctions and borrow money from the mob, either squandering or multiplying their fortune.

Ranking (Rio Grande Games) $19.97
Are women more likely to buy gold coins or stylish shoes? Which does one see more frequently in a ditch: an anchor or a bicycle? In RANKING, players are required to answer such questions. In addition, all players work together to place a group of items in order of rank. In this process, each player tries to secretly or brazenly move his own item upward in rank. Thus, by bluff, good reason, and small lies players move their items upward and their opponents' items downward in rank.

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